Lori Moser

Lori Moser

Strategic Account Manager

Lori has twenty (20) years of experience in the insurance industry, where her expertise is with group health insurance. A leader in client services, Lori follows the highest standards of ethics, customer service, organization, and attention to detail.  Lori is an expert in managing the multi-faceted process of health insurance, including implementation and servicing.   Lori supports clients with the following responsibilities:

  • Assists with the implementation of new plans by getting the required carrier documents to the carrier and helping the group with any questions they have on the necessary paperwork. Submitting the information to the carriers timely and accurately to ensure a smooth transition.
  • Assist with claims, enrollment, and billing issue resolution for all employees.
  • Acts as a mediator between the client and their chosen carrier.
  • Maintains accurate information in the contact management system.

Lori had a PA Resident Producer License for Accident and Health, Life and Fixed Annuities.

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