Pharmacy Management Training

June 8, 2021 | 1:00-2:00 p.m.
Speaker: Joe Ross, Vice President of Underwriting

Prescription Drug costs have been one of the main cost drivers within healthcare plans over the last decade. With more specialty drugs and other high cost medications entering the market, employers face a significant challenge in managing and understanding the impact to the plans that they offer to their employee base.

With a lack of transparency and complicated system, it becomes difficult for employers to understand what is driving their prescription drug cost. Employers need to ensure that they are taking an in-depth look at their current program and what potential solutions may be available that could cut prescription spend up to 35-50%.

In this session, join speaker Joe Ross, Vice President of Underwriting and expert in prescription drug management for a 45-minute presentation followed by Q&A.

Joe Ross has over twelve (12) years of experience in healthcare benefits as an Underwriter. His responsibilities include vendor and renewal analysis, contribution and self-insured plan modeling, and measuring the financial impact of decisions for his clients. He is a recognized expert in financial analysis and consulting. Joe also plays a significant role in training and mentoring underwriting and other team members.

Joe has an MBA in Healthcare Management from The University of Scranton and a B.B.A. in Risk Management & Insurance from Temple University. He has a PA Resident Producer License in Accident, Health, Life and Fixed Annuities.

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