BlueCross BlueShield Association (BCBSA) Settlement Notice

Over the last few weeks many of our clients and/or their employees received a notice about a lawsuit against BCBSA. If your company or your employees were covered under a BlueCross BlueShield plan, you may be eligible to participate in this lawsuit.

Please remember this is for the coverage period of:

  • Fully Insured: 2/7/2008 to 10/16/2020
  • Self-Funded: 9/1/2015 to 10/16/2020

It is helpful, but not required, to have the time periods and policy numbers of the Blues Carrier you were covered by (Capital, Highmark, Independence Blue Cross) during the above time periods.

To download the paper claim form that you can use to file, click here.

The claim form is the same for Individuals and businesses.  Some people have received a Unique ID to use when they file; if someone did not get a Unique ID email or postcard, then they should fill in the claim form as best they can.

As a business/company, you will need to fill out Section A, Numbers 1-8.  Our region (21 counties in Central PA) has two Blues Carriers (Capital and Highmark). In the 5-county Philadelphia area, the Blues carrier is called Independence BlueCross. If the business/company was insured by either during those time periods above, then the business/company will want to include all carrier coverage for either and/or both on this page.  Number 9 on this sheet is for anyone that was in a PEO, so you can disregard that section. Once that is complete, skip to Section E and complete the payment option and sign.  The Unique ID is to be filled in as “unavailable” if you do not have one.  On the next page you will find where you need to break out the coverage periods, if you were covered by more than one Blue Carrier (Capital or Highmark or IBC) during the periods mentioned above.  The form needs to be mailed to:

Blue Cross Blue Shield Settlement
C/O JND Legal Administration
PO Box 91390
Seattle, WA 98111

You and your employees can also go to to file online. From there, you would click File a claim here -> under the Don’t have a Unique ID? .

  • Click “Business” on the next page.
  • Enter all your company and company contact information
  • Next page is the carrier information. (You want to enter in each Blue Carrier you had and the different time periods you had them.)  For the question “Was this plan purchased through a Purchasing Entity?  You will mark No.
  • Next page is payment options page
  • Next page is online signature

Please note the amount paid out to businesses from the settlement will be based on the amount paid in premium and the amount of claims filed.  JND Legal Administration will not be able to determine what you will receive until they receive all claims and determine each payment to each entity.