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Equinox Benefits Consulting supports all types of employee health benefits plan designs and funding levels.  As a result, this ensures that you always have the best fit for your company’s needs.  If you don’t know what plan design is the most cost-effective for you and your employees, lean on Equinox.  We will evaluate your needs, educate you about your options, and help you create a custom plan.  This will in turn support your business today and in the future.  

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Self-funded Employee Health & Benefits Solutions

Self-funding in businesses of all sizes is on the rise. Equinox offers self-funding options through your carrier or independent Third Party Administrator (TPA) models. Whether you need the stability of level-funding or want to maximize savings with weekly claims, we can accommodate your needs. If you’re not sure that self-funding makes sense for you company, contact us for a Self-Funding Feasibility Study.

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We find the lowest-cost option, while retaining a high level of care.

A comprehensive prescription benefit strategy requires awareness of what is happening with both traditional and specialty medications. Equinox has a special focus on management strategies, constantly seeking ways to deliver more value to you and your members.

Clinical Rx Management

Clinical Rx Management is a proactive management approach used to cut costs for you and your employees.  By using your pharmacy data from your current benefits plan, you can manage your prescription spend. Equinox uses creative strategies to design plans that offer value.

Specialty Rx Alternate Funding

We’ve partnered with experts on new solutions to offer alternate funding for your members who are taking specialty medications. Our solution reduces costs for both you and your members, with minimal impact on treatment time.

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